Classic Bristol Buses - Buses Built The Bristol Way

The Early Years

This is one of the earliest Bristol buses, known as the C-type. 


BAE 592 is an example of a 4-ton chassis.  These were bodied both as buses and as small lorries as shown here and were manufactured in the 1920s .  I have known this particular example for many years as it resided in a showman's yard near my home when I was a child.  I did try and purchase it once, but it languished derelict until rescued and restored by a local road stone company who owned a nearby quarry.   
The  next volume production chassis  to follw the two- and four-ton chassis was the B-type, manufactured from 1931 to 1935, also known as the "Superbus".   An early example for Bristol city services is shown here. 

[photo: BCV]


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