Classic Bristol Buses - some Examples of Preserved or restored Bristol types


On this page are some pictures and details of some interesting old passenger carrying vehicles. All of the buses depicted have been meticulously restored and painstakingly maintained to a high standard by enthusiasts. All contribute to keeping Britain's transport and manufacturing heritage alive. It is worth remembering that Britain was once known as the "workshop to the world" and each one of these lovingly cherished vehicles reflects this accolade.

A great deal of time, effort and money goes into preserving an elderly vehicle - even a small car can take many hours to restore - so the task of restoring a large commercial vehicle and maintaining it in a safe and roadworthy condition should not be underestimated. As one who enjoys the experience of owning, driving and travelling on vintage vehicles this page is my tribute to all the hard work put in by the enthusiasts who own these fine vehicles.

Displayed on this page:

Bristol LSX Prototype
Bristol LH/Marshall
Bristol VR Open Top
Bristol LWL Hants & Dorset Rebuild

MAH 744

MAH 744

The vehicle pictured ont the left is one of only two such vehicles. It is the first example built of an underfloor-engined single decker of type LSX4G, built in 1949. MAH 744 was operated by the Eastern Counties Omnibus Company.

The second prototype, NHU 2, was operated by the Bristol Omnibus Company. MAH 744 is depicted her at the Tramways Museum at Carlton Colville near Lowestoft, on the occasion of the ECW event held there in 1997.

VOD 125K


This is a Marshall-bodied Bristol LH formerly operated by the Western National Omnibus Company.  This picture was taken at the Warminster and West Wilts. running day in 1996, an excellent annual event which continues in the 21st. century and is well worth a visit.

NUD 106L


A former City of Oxford machine, this smartly turned-out MK2 VRT is working out its twilight years with Ryan's Coaches in Bath. Pictured by the Parade Gardens in Summer 1997.

KEL 405

KEL 405

A Hants and Dorset LWL with an ECW body of more modern style than that usually found on these chassis. A number of former Tilling Group companies had similar rebuilds, some of which were based on much older L chassis which were lengthened and widened using parts from other chassis. This picture was taken at the Warminster and West Wilts. running day in 1996.


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