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This site is Dedicated to the passenger carrying vehicles whose chassis were constructed at Brislington in Bristol by the erstwhile Bristol Commercial Vehicle company.

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Last updated: 25/3/2014

Bringing you information on classic Bristol buses since 1994.


Rob Sly is making a much better job of adverts for parts and vehicles than I did. Visit theBristol Commercial Vehicle Enthusiasts website for more details.

My first bus book, "The Buses and Coaches of Bristol and Eastern Coachworks" is now available, please visit The Crowood Press for more details. Copies are also available directly from me, email me for prices.

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About this web site

A pictorial survey of Preserved Bristol types

About Bristol-built buses - History and development

News and information about rallies, remanufacture of spares etc.

Links to other pages of interest - mainly transport related

The story of my bus - a disjointed account of my restoration efforts

About Me - including links to my CV and other links to the real world...

Bristol-ECW photo archive - if you are doing research or are a vehicle owner then you might care to peruse this archive of photographs from the ECW-Bristol egroup. Please take note of the copyright information on the archive page.


Low cost website hosting based in Frampton Cotterell Bristol

About this website

The information contained herein is as accurate as I can make it and is provided for the interest of researchers, restorers and anyone interested in the preservation and restoration of buses and other vehicles manufactured at the Brislington works of the Bristol Tramways and Carriage Company.  My intention is to build up this site as a resource for vehicle owners and a jumping-off point for historians.  

If you have any suggestions for items to be included, please email me

Many of the buses depicted on my picture pages have been meticulously restored and painstakingly maintained to a high standard by enthusiasts. All contribute to keeping Britain's transport and manufacturing heritage alive. It is worth remembering that Britain was once known as the "workshop to the world" and each one of these lovingly cherished vehicles reflects a part of this period in our history.

A great deal of time, effort and money goes into preserving an elderly vehicle - even a small car can take many months or even years to restore - so the task of restoring a large commercial vehicle and maintaining it in a safe and roadworthy condition should not be underestimated.  Many hours are spent in searching for spare parts or locating vehicles to be dismantled.  As one who gains much pleasure from the experience of owning, driving and travelling on vintage vehicles of all sizes, this site is my tribute to all the hard work put in by the enthusiasts who own these fine vehicles. Many of the vehicles pictured are owned by members of the
Bristol Commercial Vehicle Register
which exists to support and nurture the preservation of Bristol manufactured heavy commercial vehicles.



If you own a Bristol, then you must join the 

Bristol Commercial Vehicle Register 

for Bristol owners and operators the world over

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