Restoration Diary in Pictures - 1995 - date
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Final refinishing of the roof in Williamson's Tilling Cream, a rich colour typical of the period.
A view from the rear showing the refurbished lower corner panels in place.  These are made from glass fibre and had to be extensively repaired.
Once the bus was under cover, a plan was evolved to work from the top downwards, both inside the bus and out. Once the roof was finished, the window surrounds or "pans" were tackled next, There was a lot of surface filling to do (as there had been with the roof).  Here is the offside shown ready to receive the first undercoat.
By now the ceiling had been rubbed down and repainted, though I remain dissatisfied with the finish obtained and feel I could have achieved better it looks quite tidy.  The green Rexine above the luggage racks has been replaced.
The luggage racks were replaced next, after a thorough clean and polish and one or two minor repairs.  The Rexine on the front bulkheads had to be applied first and this can also be seen in this rather dark interior shot.
Another interior view looking towards the rear.
Photography is difficult in the shed due to the restricted space.  This front offside corner picture was taken standing on my workbench.  It shows the first application of Tilling Green paint.
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