Restoration Diary in Pictures - 1995 - date
This page: 2006 
These next two views show the first window fitted.
The interior is coming on well now.  The light fittings have all been refurbished and refitted.  All the internal panels have been trimmed with the correct colour of Tilling Green Rexine and another window has been fitted.  This shows off the cream glazing rubber to good effect.
A close-up of the front bulkhead showing the automatic door-gear electrical control box.  Also visible is the "Eastern Coachworks" motif transfer, which unfortunately will have to come off again as its slightly too low.
Another shot of the interior looking towards the front, now with almost all the glass fitted
Looking towards the rear, showing the large offside rear window
Outside now and a view of the offside looking towards the rear.  New paintwork in evidence, as is a good layer of dust which is always a problem at harvest time.
A view through the entrance door showing the cab with windows in place.
A close-up of the cab showing detailing of various items (alternator control box is the prominent silver lump).  The steering wheel awaits attention.  
A view from the rear showing the bootlid and rear windows fitted.
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