Restoration Diary in Pictures - 1995 - date
This page: 2007 
This year we have been concentrating on finishing off the painting, fitting out the interior and making sure the brakes and steering are up to scratch.  The rear seat was trimmed and fitted first.  We replaced the foam in the seat back and the centre cushion, but thought the right and left cushions were OK - however, as you can see they aren't really, so the foam filling will be replaced when we do the rest of the seats.
Next, the floor had some attention in the form of the decorative tread plate over the wheel arch covers - these two pictures show the result.
A slightly awkward job as the treadplate has to fit under the heater radiator before you can fit the heater cover.  A thorough clean of the lino is next on the agenda.
This view shows the rear hub with the brake drum and shoes removed.  The black thing in the bottom left corner by the screwdriver is a brake adjuster.
Relined shoes, ready to fit.
The latest view from the side.
The latest  view from the rear.
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