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At the start of the year we were able to reassemble the brakes with new shoes and refurbished adjusters - all the adjusters were completely seized and had to be stripped down and repaired.  This closeup shows the adjusters, well greased!  Excess grease was cleaned off before the next stage, which was...
...the refitting of the brake drums.  These are very heavy so my friend Ian, who is my  expert on all things mechanical, came and checked over the assembly work then helped me refit all the drums.  This is the passenger side front.
And this is the passenger side rear.  The opportunity was taken, while the drums were off, to grind off the rust and give them a lick of paint.  Not really necessary, perhaps, but a nice finishing touch.  The hubs were treated to a de-rusting and a coat of paint too.  Compare these two pictures with last year's views!
With the brakes done, attention now turned to the front entrance folding door.  This was in quite good condition but needed some wood replacing along with all the rubber draught seals.  This all had to be done before it was painted.  Here it is in primer, about to be refitted.
Here it is, fitted and painted, just needs the glass and it's finished! (click on the picture for a closeup!)
A little job I had wanted to do for years was to make a new registration plate. Here is the old one, sat on top of the very server that hosted this website for three years!  We won't mention the queue of classic cars in the garage.
Here it is, refurbished and fitted. The latest  view from the rear.  Slight digital distortion makes the W look wonky, but it isn't, really!
So at last we have got around to doing the seats, the covers having been made by my friend George's wife, Margaret.  What an excellent job she has made of them, too.  I think you will agree, they look a treat.  We did eight of them over the summer, stripping the seat frames and repainting them, then reupholstering the cushions and backs as can be seen here.
Here we are, halfway through the summer holidays and its really looking like a bus once again.
To finish off, here's a couple of front views; first, a look at the winged emblem...
...and last, as much of the front as we can get to with the camera..
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